Planning for infection Week

A successful Infection Prevention Awareness Week should provide a variety of activities and maintain a high level of interest. Success also depends upon getting others actively involved.

Target Audience

  • Decide who your target audience may be consider their knowledge base and needs
  • Be realistic, consider the current level of practice of staff and address the priority needs of your facility


  • Decide what your message is and communicate the purpose, goals and objectives of the event using “Marketing Tools” below
  • The use of themes and slogans will highlight the message
  • Create awareness and educate through informative statements
  • Provide notification of presentations and activities
  • Invite active participation
  • Be simple and direct

Marketing Tools

  • Advertise your event throughout your facility (e-mail, word of mouth, IC link staff, meetings)
  • Use memos, bulletins, flyers, pamphlets and email. The material should be well designed, with an uncluttered layout. Bright colours attract attention. The use of humour can help people remember what they read.
  • Tent cards can be placed on kiosk tables, with your logo and theme on the outside, and Infection Prevention facts or questions on the inside
  • Have t-shirts with your themeor slogan printed on them and have IC staff & managers wear them during Infection Prevention Week
  • Posters quickly attract attention, both in-house and externally. They should be prominently displayed. Use logos and pictures to attract attention. Make your posters large, using print that is easy to read from a distance. Use colour to catch the eye. Simple uncluttered designs enable the message to be identified and remembered more effectively
  • Media includes written publications, such as newspapers and magazines; radio interviews and advertisements. If using mass media, make your initial contacts several weeks ahead.


  • Allocate funds from your departmental or administrative budget
  • In most cases you may require additional funding for your event. There are many sources for funds, don’t be afraid to ask:
    • Other in-house departments may be able to assist eg. staff training and development, public relations, OHS
    • Corporate sponsorship from companies that supply, hand hygiene products, cleaning chemicals and medical/surgical supplies are helpful in planning. They may provide displays, audiovisual material and handouts, as well as financial support
    • Volunteers from your facility/service volunteer organisation may assist with participation and support
    • Community service clubs and organisations are interested in the health issues of infectious diseases and environmental safety. Financial support may be offered and members may be interested in participating
    • Local businesses who have contracts with your facility/service may be more than willing to assist with products, door prizes or services eg, local cinema may provide movie tickets
  • Source any free material available.