Infection Prevention Week


The third week in October has been proclaimed as International Infection Prevention Week (IPW) in the US since 1986 and is celebrating 25 years this year and in Canada since 1989 and Australia joins with these countries to promote IPW. This week represents an opportunity for infection preventionists to promote education to both staff in health care facilities, the community and the public about the important infection control work being done by infection control professionals both nationally and internationally. In the last few years IPW has expanded to the UK, South East Asia and the Middle East. With international promotion there will be improved chances that patients will experience safer health care and be exposed to less life threatening health care associated infections. AICA invites all health care facilities to share their IPW activities by sending any news and events to the AICA secretariat

AICA has joined in partnership with APIC to be a supporting partner for International Infection Prevention week IIPW in October 16-22nd 2011. AICA members are invited to view the website here (link) and follow the links to the educational webinars and Policy Summit webcast which is free to all AICA members.

The theme for IPW in Australia for 2011 will be around highlighting the importance of preventing occupational exposures to blood borne pathogens and to actively promote the use of SEMD in the workplace.

Tools and Resources

Click HERE to visit the APIC IPW webpage for tools and resources


Webinars and live events are being hosted by APIC and all AICA members are able to share in these events. Registrations are now open for AICA members to join these webinars. To register go to:

Alliance for Sharps Safety

Visit the website HERE

National Resource for Infection Control’s (NRIC) contribution to International Infection Prevention week 2011

NRIC is supporting International Infection Prevention week 2011 with the collaboration of it’s many national and international colleagues and the site on NRIC is now live at

Sharing Stories

Please provide some answers to the following questions for the AICA website:

What activities did you do? I organised a morning tea for the whole hospital. I had the J&J rep roaming the ward doing hand hygiene activities. I did a hand washing activity with the staff that can to the morning tea with gloves and red paint. They put the gloves on and then I put a blob of paint on their hand. They then rubbed it like they would the gel with their eyes closed. Then after 20 secs they opened their eyes and clould see where they missed. I also went into safe removal of contaminated gloves and we checked their hands for paint spots after removal to show that some gloves have tiny holes and therefore you must wash you hands after removing your gloves. I also had a 10 question questionnaire on different organisms so they had to match the clues with the answers. They got a chocolate when they finished this activity as incentive to do it. 
Which health care professionals attended? All Nursing, Wardsman, Cleaners, Caterers
Can you attach some photos? I forgot to take some sorry!!!!
What surprised you?
Any comments I try and do something different every year. Last year I played a game called put the gel on the germ. It was like pin the tail on the donkey but I had a drawing of a germ and they used red dots. They closest dot to the germs nose won two movie tickets.