How to Stop infection

Lyell McEwin Hospital had a very successful 2010 Infection Prevention Week with 298 staff from varying disciplines participating in the planned activities (I have attached the activities calendar). The theme for the Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH) Infection Prevention Week 2010 was ‘Clean Hands Save Lives’. The theme was chosen to promote and officially launch the LMH clean hands save lives hand hygiene campaign that commenced in August 2010. The week focused heavily on patient safety and spreading the word that correct hand hygiene really does save lives. Three particular activities proved to be very successful:

  1. Monday trade display through a variety of informative and interactive displays staff were educated on the importance of hand hygiene and patient safety. Product reps were available to educate staff on the correct use and benefits of using alcohol based hand rub. Through a graphic practical demonstration staff were shown the consequences to patients if hand hygiene is not performed prior to a procedure (moment 2). There were also loads of promotional/educational materials provided for staff such as: pens, badges, stickers, pamphlets, instructional sheets, newsletters, etc.
  2. Wednesday Guest speakers Chief Medical Officer Professor Paddy Phillips, Dr Chris Farmer & Cheryl Rosiak came and spoke with medical practitioners at the grand round on the importance of hand hygiene and the need for leadership from the medical profession. Wendy Peecock State (SA) Hand Hygiene Australia Representative came latter in the day and addressed the nursing staff.
  3. Friday Information stations, staff were given the opportunity to learn about the importance of hand care, VRE, MRSA, C.diff.

The highlight of the week was the displaying of the Hand Hygiene Pledges (copy attached) signed by Lyell McEwin Hospital staff. In all 1288 pledges were signed and displayed in the main corridors of LMH. This portrayed a very powerful message to staff, patients, visitors and the community that Lyell McEwin Hospital is dedicated to protecting our patients from the leading cause of adverse events suffered by hospitalised patients’ world wide hospital acquired infections. We received high praise from staff, visitors and the visiting guest speakers from the Department of Health (SA) for this display.