Anti Wrinkle Injections Melbourne


botox-melbourneThere is minimal risk of bruising, however this can be covered up with makeup if it occurs.

If the product is administered by an inexperienced injector, there is the possibility of temporary eyelid or brow droop.

The product warning also includes possible temporary side effects of headaches, tingling, itching or aching sensation, skin tightness and nausea, however our doctors have not seen this occur during their practice.

It is essential that you follow pre and post operative care instructions carefully. (link to pre and post operative instructions)

Medical issues to consider before Botulinum Toxin type A treatment.

Botulinum Toxin Type A injection must not be used if:

  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the formulation
  • You have an infection in the muscles where it would normally be injected
  • You have any muscle disorders in any other part of the body including myasthenia gravis, Eaton Lambert syndrome or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

At your free consultation with Anti wrinkle injections, the Doctor will discuss any medical concerns you may have before treatment.

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